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Wei Chuan USA We are constantly pursuing progress. We emphasize the training of our people and the team work of our employees. The modern freezing technology has been applied to manufacture the highest-quality products for our customers. We have also tried to get closer to our customers by talking and listening to them and apply their comments, suggestions and criticisms to the improvement of our products. We frequently organize food testing demonstrations in major Asian supermarkets nationwide. Any comments and suggestions are welcome and later utilized to enhance or improve our products. Furthermore, we actively and eagerly engage ourselves in the creation of more new products, which not only meet the flavors and requirements of the customers of the traditional Chinese cuisine but also provide us the opportunities to present them in the mainstream food parade of the supermarkets of the Western cuisine.

Wei Chuan USA Company Information:
6655 South Garfield Avenue
Bell Gardens, CA 90201
Phone: (562) 372-2020

Wei Chuan USA History:
" WeiChuan USA Inc. was founded in 1972. In the past thirty-six years service has been constantly the supreme goal of our efforts. Great efforts have been continuously exerted to supply our clients and customers with the best products. In the USA wherever there are overseas Chinese, you can find the services of WeiChuan USA. It has been deeply implanted in the overseas Chinese communities due to our incessant efforts day and night. "